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  The Art of Active Networking, Silicon Valley  
Our sole purpose is helping people do better. Come learn how to build better, deeper and more strategic business and personal relationships! With our mantra of, "How can I help you do better?"...
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07/24/17 6:45 PM
07/24/17 9:45 PM

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Trianon Theatre
72 North Fifth St
San Jose, CA 95112 USA

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The Art of Active Networking
Silicon Valley

Mon. July 24, 2017, 6:45-9:45pm
Trianon Theatre
72 North Fifth St, San Jose, CA 95112

the art of active networking ultimate worldwide networking experience

Come learn how to build better, deeper and more strategic business and personal relationships! With our mantra of, "How can I help you do better?", we have had thousands of people return again and again. Full cash bar! Topics, Dates Vary.

Tickets:                        www.theartofactivenetworking.com/ticket.html
Early Bird:                      $15 (Until 1week before the event.)
Regular Tickets:              $20 (The week of the event.)
Day of the Event Tickets: $25 (24 hours before the event.)
Student Tickets:              $10 (You MUST have a current student I.D.)
Tickets are always available on our website until 6:15pm the day of each event and walk-ins are 30$ CASH at the door until 7:15pm!
As always Veterans are FREE, thank you for your service!

Public Events (multiple cities) and Ticket Info:
415 934-6900,
, www.MarkESackett.com

Save the Dates - 2017:
Mon, August 28th SUBJECT TO CHANGE
Mon, September 25
Mon, October 23
Mon, November 27
December NO EVENT

About The Art of Active Networking  www.TheArtofActiveNetworking.com
Mark E. Sackett created "The Art of Active Networking" through one of his businesses, "Brainfood Creative Programs", with the sole purpose of helping people do better.

And it works! Come see why we`ve had everyone from "Smart Money Magazine" to "The Wall Street Journal", as well as television stations from South Korea, cover our events around the country.

This is the most unique and connected networking event you will attend this year. Our sole purpose is to help people do better in this down and ever-changing economy and to work through life shifts while meeting people you would otherwise not connect with in a unique new way.

Daily, people call or email me and ask me to teach them how to `network`. They ask how to come to my `class`, armed with pen and paper all too often. Anyone is welcome to take notes but `Active Networking` is an ART and an attitude, not a class! I say this because I watch so many thousands of people show up and then they don’t actually elevate it to an Art after they leave. Yes we are also a networking event, but we’re a networking event unlike most others. What we really are is a meeting of cool people all working towards trying to help each other do better. We care about how your build your relationships in business and out. So how do we do this?

We say hello with an opening line that is NOT, “So what do you do for a living?”
We engage in a conversation of any length, that is about finding a way to first get comfortable in the conversation without selling, and second without worrying about your endgame!

We find out what the person we are talking to needs or wants. If we can help them with what they need and want, then maybe they won’t feel the need to sell so hard.

We think about what I call #MYGIVE4, where we find 4 ways in which we might be able to help them:

   1. Can we use our ideas and talent to help them?
   2. Can we volunteer to help them with something they really need?
   3. Can we offer any donation or financial assistance towards
       whatever they are struggling with?                   
   4. Can we make some powerful referrals for them using our “know, like and trust” capital by directly open doors through personal introductions?

We followup and we practice #MYGIVE4 a minimum of 4 hours a week, from here on out!

If you want to meet people who think like this, bring your notepads, warm handshakes and powerful passions to our upcoming events, you’ll meet amazing people and who knows, you might also learn something. Let us find ways to help you do better, and help us introduce this to more people.

We’ve had thousands of people come to our "The Art of Active Networking" events and they love it. This is NOT one of those throw your business card at someone and try to sell yourself events. Instead, we ask one important question: "How can I help you do better right now?" Helping people and businesses do better right now is all that ultimately matters. And at the event, I will tell you why and how you can do it better!

At "The Art of Active Networking", I teach people how to look at building stronger, deeper, more passionate connections in business, life, and love. We discuss how to use social media and individual relationships to your advantage and why that should be just a small part of your overall plan, along with developing your own "personal brand", no matter what it is you do or want to accomplish.

We have loads of fun doing this! This is not a boring seminar, a dry talk, or an event full of superficial conversations. If you want to bring The Art of Active Networking to your city, please email Mark E. Sackett on the link below titled "contact us".

Please connect with and join Mark on any of the social media sites you use here: MarkESackett.com
Call Mark E. Sackett 415 934-6900x24 (please mention everyCircle.com)

Why Do We Do It?
There was a recent article suggesting this staggering statistic: “Over 70 percent of ALL people are not happy with their job, career or with what they are doing… and given the opportunity would change it!” Seems like a whole lot of people do not love what they do when they wake up in the morning.

With so many people unhappy, searching for jobs, shifting jobs, building their business practice or consultancy, and wanting more from life or wanting help following their passion, this event brings an amazing cross-section of people: CEOs, CFOs, Tech Folks, Entrepreneurs, Chefs, Wine Makers, Retail and Gallery Owners, Models, Photographers, Art Directors, Designers, Actors, Musicians, Real Estate Executives, Corporate Trainers, Coaches, Therapists, Publicists, Financial Advisors, Investors, Venture Capitalists, and Singles—nearly every type of person has attended.

People are finding jobs, leaving jobs to follow their dreams, getting dates, creating new ideas, investing in each other, getting roommates, clients, connections and discovering a new way to think! Best of all they are implementing what they learn here at "The Art of Active Networking" and frankly it`s making their conversations much easier.

Relationships are the foundation of all business,
but they mean nothing if we stop at hello. 80% of all people who go to networking events fail to follow-through and fail to develop any type of genuine relationship beyond the initial connection. So frankly, what`s the point?

So each week, Mark E. Sackett and a few special guests, will be giving a few active networking tips as well as a quick tip to help your personal and business brand at about 7pm.  You are likely to meet a fantastic and active cross-section of the Bay Area including business owners, entrepreneurs, environmentalists,dancers, artists, sales folks, designers, architects, bankers, marketing folks,media folks, doctors, singers, musicians, trainers and coaches. Our network includes everything from techies to trekkies. And, I am sure all of you will want to do better, make stronger ACTIVE connections, and to help each other. So let`s do it!

Contact Us
Mark E. Sackett at msackett@reflectur.com or by calling 415 934-6900x24, www.theboxsf.com

Join us here as well:

Facebook Fanpage
Facebook Group
SF Meetup Group

And additionally we can be found on Eventful and FourSquare!
For more information on Mark E. Sackett the founder, visit: http://www.MarkESackett.com

Please join our Facebook Fan Page for event listings and to stay up to date:

You may also follow THE BOX SF on Twitter as: twitter.com/TheBoxSF

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Cesar Plata on 05/12/15 1:15 PM

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