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WebServiceCenter's mission is to make the custom internet applications affordable and available, thus empowering the customers and helping them to perform up to their highest potential.
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Roman Zhovtulya
WebServiceCenter USA
Suite 23
23 Union San Francisco
94123 USA
Phone them: 415 358 1857

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Historically, custom software has been cost-prohibitive almost to everybody who needs it the most. We develop or adjust custom applications to meet your unique business needs.

webservicecenterLeveraging the power of open-source technologies and the Internet, combined with modern strategic consulting, WebServiceCenter provides custom solutions at affordable prices along with all necessary assistance and service.



The best results in optimizing work processes, saving costs and increasing productivity are achieved when a complete strategy is employed, including goal setting, online productivity tools, time management, etc.

Having the right tools is important, but using them properly and fully often becomes the decisive factor in the overall success.


Training and consulting areas:

• Strategic statements (vision, mission, action)
• Setting and achieving goals (using Uportal iFocus to set, delegate, track and visualize goals)
• Time management (task list, timelog, etc)
• Project management (brainstorming, delegation, progress reports, etc using Uportal iFocus)

The efficiency of any software is determined by how well it fits into the existing situation, work process or organization. The better the fit, the more benefits and higher productivity can be achieved.

Custom or customized software has the highest degree of conformity and can therefore yield the best results possible.

To make the custom software affordable, WebServiceCenter uses its own development framework as well as special methodologies to reduce development time and lower costs.

WebServiceCenter customizes existing Uportal modules to better fit into the particular company, organization or institution. We develop new software upon request, such as:

• Specialized online portals with unique features
• Web-based applications
• Web 2.0 Mesh-ups

WebServiceCenter offers professional hosting, administration and support packages for any of the software it provides.

Hosting and support packages ensure problem-free operation of an entire system - from the server's hardware to inner workings of specific software.

The customer simply receives a web address, such as www.myOwnCustomApplication.com, that can be accessed from any Internet browser, anywhere, anytime.

Administration, backup, updates, patches, etc are all done on our servers by professionals - hassle-free, seamlessly and without interrupting the service.

Available hosting/Support packages:

• Ultimate (Unlimited bandwidth and storage, 24/7 Instant reaction, telephone, email)
• Professional (100 GB/Month, 300 GB HD, 3 hours reaction, telephone, email)
• Basic (10 GB/Month, 20 GB HD, 8 hours reaction, email only)

Fast support contact  help@WebServiceCenter.net

USA: +1 (415) 358 1857
Germany: +49 (781) 131 9317
Ukraine: +38 (332) 72 28 60

More support services:
• Software installation and configuration (also on-site)
• User training and online "walk-through"
• On-site seminars
• Individual "all questions answered" sessions
• Online seminars
• Technology-empowered consulting

Any WebServiceCenter product comes with a full one-year unconditional money-back guarantee.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have up to a full year to contact us for a full refund. No hassle. No questions asked. We don't want your money unless you're delighted with our software.

That's how sure we are that you'll find our products and services indispensable for your everyday business operations.


Uportal Small Business Portal

Uportal by WebServiceCenter is an integrated package of Internet applications for simplifying and streamlining various aspects of a modern business:

• Managing firm's website (including e-shop) using Uportal CMS

• Setting company's goals, delegating and managing projects with Uportal iFocus

• Placing and receiving phone calls, voicemail, establishing virtual local presence, etc with Uportal iPhone

• Managing documents, forms and processes electronically with Uportal WorkFlow

Some of Uportal Business modules include:

• iFocus - time management and goal setting for workgroups
• CMS - intuitive and simple website editing
• iPhone - your own company's telephone system
• PhotoGallery - creating picture galleries for your website
• WorkFlow - managing documents and forms electronically
• iQuest - online pooling and questionnaire management
• Insight - flexible statistics and reporting
• iShop - e-shop with instant Paypal integration for your website


Uportal Academic University Portal
Uportal Academic Uportal Academic Portal provides a full set of applications to setup and successfully manage a "total information cycle" at any institution of higher education:

Interested prospects become applicants, successful applicants become students, diligent students become alumni, who in turn recommend others to apply here.

Uportal Academic is the solution to manage a complete cycle - easy, secure and above all - affordable.

The modules below can all be individually adjusted to satisfy the exact needs of your institution, as well as integrated into the existing IT landscape. Also, any type of new software module can be created on demand.

Uportal Academic Modules

• MyPortfolio - profile management
• iLearning - courses, study, curriculum
• E-PAS - advanced course registration and assignment
• CMS - innovative system for managing websites
• PhotoGallery - integrated Photo gallery
• iQuest - online pooling and questionnaires
• WorkFlow - electronic form and worklow management
• iPhone - complete PBX
• Administration - global user administration

Uportal Academic Advantages

• Easy-to-use
• Flexible
• Affordable even for small colleges
• Multi-language (English, German, French, Spanish)
• Safe and secure
• Scalable
• Easy to customize and extend on demand
• Based on industry standards

UPORTAL by WebServiceCenter
Based on the best of open source and enterprise technologies, Uportal by WebServiceCenter is a secure, flexible, simple and customizable portal and application server, that can be employed at any organization to save time, cut down costs and increase overall efficiency.

Uportal Modules overview

• iFocus - time management and goal setting for workgroups
• CMS - intuitive and simple website editing
• iPhone - your own company's telephone system
• PhotoGallery - creating picture galleries for your website
• Insight - flexible statistics and reporting
• iShop - e-shop with instant Paypal integration for your website
• MyPortfolio - user profile management
• iLearning - courses, study, curriculum
• ePAS - advanced course registration and assignment
• iQuest - online pooling and questionnaires
• WorkFlow - electronic form and worklow management
• Administration - global user/privilege/group administration
• Sync - synchronizing Uportal data with external sources (LDAP, MySQL, etc)

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